Music to Start the Summer

11:11 pm PHT

Here’s some of the latest music I’ve been discovering and enjoying.

Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow
Heal me from all this sorrow as I let you go
I will find my way, I will sacrifice
Now I’m living in your afterglow

Inxs’ latest single from their comeback album, Switch, is the decidedly mellow rock ballad “Afterglow.” It’s great to hear such diverse tone from a rock band. And I definitely agree that J.D. Fortune is a very talented singer and really fits into the band better than Mig Ayesa or Marty Casey.

Awit na nananawagan
Baka sakaling napakikinggan
Pag-ibig na pala-isipan
Sa kanta na lang idadaan

Nag-aabang sa langit
Sa mga ulap sumisilip
Sa likod ng mga tala
Kahit sulyap lang, Darna

Some people may find this song corny, but I think a significant percentage of the population really likes Kamikazee’s latest single “Narda.” I’m no exception. The song’s really, really catchy and I’m quite impressed by the blending of the vocals during its chorus.

Hey, I’m here for you
And you just don’t seem to care
Oooh, but I’m here to stay
And will forever pray that
I’ll be in you arms
Hoping that someday you’ll see me
Find the one in me

The Akafellas’ new song, “One In Me,” found in Jam 88.3’s The Blend compilation, is one heck of a nice piece of original a cappella music. It’s been hitting both Jam 88.3 and Magic 89.9’s charts for several weeks now. And deservedly so. It’s beautiful but not too sickly sweet. It’s just right.

In other news, I got to listen recently to a compilation of the most popular songs of Fra Lippo Lippi, a Swedish band that became a phenomenal hit here in the Philippines in the late 80s. I know a few of their songs from before like the famous “Beauty and Madness.” There’s also “The Distance Between Us,” “Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That,” and “Everytime I See You.”

Listening to the CD, I was mildly surprised to see that they were also behind the nice songs “Angel,” “Some People,” and the best of them all “Light and Shade.” That last one got me a into bout of LSS, in fact.  =)

What songs have you been listening to lately?

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