Makati Reunion

11:55 pm PHT

I met up with a bunch of my high school classmates last Friday. It was nice seeing them again after a long time. The occasion was that Eileen was going to Bangkok to work there and this get-together was a farewell party for her organized by her college friends. Present among my classmates were Ann, Erika, Rianne, Pia, Rose, Princess, Tintin, Charlie, Roi, and Benja. Joyce wasn’t there since she’s in Germany, while Paul, Robert, and Henrique were absent, as usual.

I arrived in Gilligan’s Island in Glorietta at around 10 pm. I just managed to catch Princess and Tintin who left several minutes after I arrived. The first reaction people had when they saw me was the way I looked. I must’ve looked really good since Roi and Benja asked if I went to the gym. Hmmm, at least those months of working out seem to be paying off.  :)

After a while we headed to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf over at Greenbelt to chit-chat in a more quieter atmosphere. We talked about high school memories, tsismis about high school people, and how people were now and where they were working. I finally got to see Rianne’s photos of her baby Aica; she’s really cute. Pia and Rose are still in med school, while Benja is pursuing an MA in Sociology (talagang kinarir ang course).

Hopefully, the next reunion will see my complete barkada as well as a lot of other people I miss.

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