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My youger sister bought Kitchie Nadal’s self-titled debut album on CD. I like her songs and I like the design of the album! No, I don’t plan on making a review of the album since I haven’t heard all the songs on it yet but I’ll talk about the songs that I have heard and I’ll comment on the really cool layout of the album liner.

Unless you’re living under a sound-proofed rock (or outside the country), you should know by now that her most popular single in the album is “Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin.” I actually debated on what the correct title is—is it “huwag” or “wag” or even “’wag”? The album unfortunately does not not settle the issue since the track listing says “huwag” but the lyrics inside list “wag.” I guess it’s left for the listener to decide, and I’m deciding with what the significant majority uses: “wag.” The chorus goes like this:

Wag na wag mong sasabihin
Na hindi mo nadama itong
Pag-ibig kong handang
ibigay kahit pa kalayaan mo

It’s a very, very good song. And I guess the very catchy beat combined with the lyrics that I think a lot of people can relate to makes it quite popular. Anyway, “Huwag” is not my most favorite song on her album.

My most favorite song is “Same Ground.” I’m guessing it’s also Kitchie’s favorite since that’s the first lyrics you’ll see on the album’s liner. Plus the fact that it’s the only song having two versions on the album, the original rock version and a piano acoustic rendition. Among the two, the piano piece gives a more intimate feel for the song, so it’s my favorite.

But now I don’t understand
Why I’m feeling so bad
When I know it was my idea
I could’ve just denied the truth and lied
Now why am I the only one
Standing stranded on the same ground?

The fourth line of the chorus ("I could’ve just denied…”) is the only line that I couldn’t tell just by listening. And I’ve listened to that song a lot of times. I only knew it when I looked at the lyrics on the album. (Yeah, I know, I could’ve looked up the lyrics on the web, like what I do for the other songs I like, but I guess the thought never entered my mind.)

Other songs on the album that I like as well as receiving airplay are “Run” and “Bulong.” “Run” was actually released as a single way, way before the album was launched and it’s my older sister’s most favorite song of Kitchie.

I’ve actually never heard a song of hers (and the only ones I’ve heard are those being played on the radio) that I did not really like. So I guess that I’m going to like many of the other five songs on her album once I got the time to listen to them.

Now onto the album design: I like it!

Both sides of the spread-out liner feature the same location, one done during the day and the other at night (depicted above). The whole length features a panoramic view of a street with seamed stitching of individual pictures (as opposed to seamless stitching). You can clearly see the edges of each individual pictures. And most of the pictures feature Kitchie.

The pictures were obviously taken using a compact digital camera (not the professional SLR ones) because of the tell-tale motion blurring and the washed-out bright lights in the night shots. These occur because compact digicams usually have a slow shutte

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