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Last Friday, my sister bought an original DVD copy of Quark Henares’ film Keka from Music One. She bought it because I was giving her rave reviews of this movie that I watched last August 2003. And also because it was written and directed by Quark. My sister and I have been fans of Quark ever since we’ve read some of his wacky short stories in Heights, Ateneo’s literary folio.

Keka is definitely one of the best Pinoy films I have ever watched. I loved it so much that I watched the DVD early morning last Saturday. Keka is not your ordinary jologs Pinoy film. It’s got a great story, great dialogues, funny scenes, and very good editing. Surprisingly, given that the movie stars Katya Santos (as Keka) and Wendell Ramos (as Jason), there are no explicit sex scenes here, unlike in Katya and Wendell’s previous movie, Sex Drive. (Yes, I also watched that one; let’s leave it for another entry shall we?) Keka and Jason did have sex but the scene was so short and so simple that I would’ve given it a PG rating.

If you guys have never watched it, I would definitely recommend that you do. I’ll even lend you the DVD if you want.  :)

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