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When I first saw the trailer for Inang Yaya, I said to myself “I am definitely going to see this.” So I was glad that this film was still screening (mostly at SM cinemas) when I got back from Japan, especially before all the theaters will begin showing MMFF entries. I saw it last Monday, and I would have to agree with others that this is the best Pinoy film I’ve seen so far this year.

Anyway, if you still don’t know, Inang Yaya is, well, basically a story about a yaya (nanny), Norma (played by Maricel Soriano), who spends most of her time caring for a child of another, Louise (Erika Oreta), that she has treated as her own often to the neglect of her own child Ruby (Tala Santos) who is left behind in the province. The plot essentially thickens when Norma brings along her daughter to live with her in the city. The two children then compete for the affection of Norma.

The story is very light and the plot arc is actually quite level. If there’s one quibble I have about this film is that there is a lack of a real conflict in the story. Maybe it’s just the cynic in me, but I was quite surprised that Ruby and Louise got along well, despite the petty bickering. It’s probably a testament to the character of Norma; she raises children well. No wonder that her employers treat her quite well, which is another thing I’m surprised at. (I’m sure that many yayas everywhere wish that their employers were as good-hearted as Noel and May upon seeing this film.)

I thought that Lola Toots (Louise’s grandma) would be your typical evil kontrabida (antagonist). Well, she’s haughty and all but the scriptwriters wisely added dimension to her character and so you end up symphatizing with her later on.

Among the big-name local drama actresses, Maricel Soriano is the one I like most. And her performance in this film is quite exceptional. But I would have to say that the two child actresses stole Maria’s thunder. The chemistry between the two children and Maricel onscreen is wonderful.

Inang Yaya has a really great story, a bit too optimistic yet plausible. It has great acting and editing, the theme song is quite good, and the cinematography is nice. In short, if you haven’t seen this movie, go now and watch it!  =)

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