Half-Blood Prince

12:03 pm PHT

I finally finished reading the sixth Harry Potter book last weekend, after waiting for my two sisters to finish reading it. And now I know why Harry Potter fanatics felt sad and disappointed with the book’s ending. You only need to read the various blog posts around the world.

Speaking of blog posts, in my opinion, this sums up the general mood of the Harry-Potter-reading public in a nice humorly way.

Anyway, I’m not particularly attached to any of the book’s characters and so I enjoyed the story for what it is. The plot is a bit too flat though for my taste; there was hardly a climax anywhere. And in the midst of all the gloomy things happening in the book, cheesiness abounds as the main protagonists find out all about the subtleties of romance and jealousy. Fun reading.

I’m also looking forward to the fourth Harry Potter film. I’m expecting something that equals or surpasses the third film, which I liked best among the three films so far.

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