God Sends a Dodgeball

1:12 am PHT

Godsend is freaky. Dodgeball is hilarious. Both are worth watching but once.

Godsend is actually a good enough movie, especially if you enjoy suspenseful ones. I managed to guess half the movie’s twist, but there’s a big gaping plothole that was left unresolved in the end. I liked The Village better. That one is creepy (not freaky), has a better story, and is much more masterfully done.

Dodgeball has quite a number of really funny scenes. The problem is that the humor delves a bit too much into slapstick. The movie is worth watching only if you have extra cash to spend. The only thing that’s puzzling me is how Peter (the owner of Average Joe’s Gym) managed to raise millions of dollars from the bribe money (I didn’t catch the explanation). Also, I find it hilarious that the movie has cameos from some of the has-beens in movies: William Shatner, David Hasselhoff, and Chuck Norris. All in all a worthy effort, but not quite good enough.

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