“Girl From The Gutter”

7:48 pm PHT

I finally found out important data (i.e., title, lyrics, artist) about this song being played in the bar I frequent to. I always enjoyed listening and dancing to this song. (What? Eugene—dancing?!) The song epitomizes how I enjoy music; I don’t like a particular music genre but I do like individual pieces of music. The only criteria is that it should sound good, never mind the lyrics or the message.

I found out more about the song by carefully trying to listen to its lyrics instead of simply dancing to it. The first line went something like “For all the things you said I…” and entering it into Google magically produces the correct song, “Girl From the Gutter” by Kina. She apparently was a one-hit wonder in 2000, ironic given the real-life message of this hit single.

Now if I can only listen to the original version, I’d be a happy man.  :)

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