Gapless Playback? Check!

11:51 pm PHT

Not even a half-year after I got my iPod nano, Apple introduced even yummier nanos last Tuesday. Thinner? Check. Twice more storage for the same price? Check. Twice the battery life? Check. More colors? Check. Scratch-resistant aluminum casing? Check. Brighter LCD screen? Check. And the oft-requested gapless playback feature? Check, check, check!

My God! If these new nanos had built-in high-quality FM receivers, they would’ve been perfect! I want one already. Especially the 8GB black nano that costs $249 (about 12,500 pesos, without tariff/customs).

Funnily, these new nanos look exactly like squashed iPod minis. Maybe we should call them iPod minanos? Hehehe.  =) The new clip-on iPod shuffles are really cute, too.

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