The Fortune Cookie

1:35 am PHT

I was ordering dinner at Chowking the other night when I saw that they had fortune cookies for sale. Since I’ve never touched a fortune cookie before and they only cost 5 pesos each, I gave in to my impulse-buying side (which is very tightly repressed) and bought one. What a fortunate cookie!

It was tasty; tastes like a plain Champola stick. And I got the following fortune:

“You will finally get a clear picture of what you will need to do in life.”

It even had lotto numbers:

01 12 21 27 32 38

So okay; I will supposedly be now able answer the question, “why am I here?” Then again, when will I answer it? Tomorrow, the next week, or ten years from now? And what’s with the lotto numbers? I’m guessing that all the cookies had different numbers on them making the whole thing useless.

I’d rather read the Unix fortunes; they’re more relevant and humorous besides.

Then again, they don’t have the “cookie” with them.

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