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Yes, I’ll admit that I watched Star Cinema’s pre-Valentine offering. And the verdict? It’s surprisingly very good! By now, you should’ve heard by word-of-mouth or whatever about the unconventional storyline of the movie and the clever twist that will be revealed near the end.

ATTENTION: I am not a Kapamilya nor a Kapuso. I am not some fanatic follower of either network and I simply watch things for their own merit and not because it comes from a particular broadcast network. So please do not pollute the comments with trollish content.

Anyway, I had actually no plans of watching either Dreamboy or GMA Films’ Let the Love Begin. Sorry, I’m not a fan of sappy local love films. I’d rather really watch The Phantom of the Opera or Constantine. But I read this really interesting review of Dreamboy by Butch Francisco in The Philippine Star. I’ve read several of his movie reviews and he minces no words when he finds a movie bad. But he gave glowing praises for Dreamboy and he recounted how much he was amazed at the twist of the movie. (And lest Kapuso fans accuse Mr. Francisco of being a Dos stalwart, he also gave Let the Love Begin two thumbs up.)

So I watched Dreamboy out of sheer curiosity. And I would definitely say that my money was not wasted. I watched this movie with a friend and he said it was okay. This coming from a person who doesn’t really like watching movies and when he does watch, only watches select ones (so it’s quite an achievement that he was amenable to trying it—he wanted to watch Alfie, but it wasn’t showing at the mall we were going to, and he doesn’t want to watch The Phantom, which was the only other movie I wanted to watch in that mall). My friend was initially bored with the movie (he slept through some of the earlier scenes), but said that he became interested when the twist was revealed.

So the story is good. And the acting? Well it’s not bad either. Piolo manages to play three characters very well. Bea Alonzo is also quite effective as the object of all the adoration. Nova Villa herself also shines in this light movie (in the same way she did in So… Happy Together).

If you have nothing to do, I’d recommend you to give this movie a try. It’ll leave you thinking when you leave the theater and probably wanting to watch it again just to see any details you’ve missed.

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