“Deepest Blue”

10:28 pm PHT

“Deepest Blue” produced by the Ministry of Sound is the first single released by the duo group, Deepest Blue. This track, as you would expect, is my current song of the week. It is one of the most refreshing vocal house songs I have ever listened and it’s due to its simplicity.

I am simply amazed by the fact that there are a lot of songs that I really, really love in a music genre that I never, ever thought I would enjoy. (Before, when asked the question of which music genre I like, I would answer that I have there’s no particular one. Now I do have one.)

“Deepest Blue” is one of those songs that simply grows on you as you listen to it. The vocals, done by Joel Edwards, is a perfect fit—it’s not too breathy or raspy or soft. And the chorus is so damn catchy!

Am I dreaming now, walking on the moon
And I don’t know how to reach you, baby
Everytime I try to move closer…

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