The Bourne Supremacy

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This movie was great! It could possibly be one of my top ten movies for this year. It’s as good as the first installment, The Bourne Identity. One problem I had was that I’ve seen the first movie so long ago that I’ve forgotten some of the details. The second movie relies heavily on plot elements from the first so I had some trouble following some of the events and people. In fact, I think that those who haven’t watched the first movie will be quite puzzled watching this one. Nevertheless, the screenplay was quite good that I wasn’t in a total loss. Was the story good? It’s not top-notch, but it’s not bad either. So far I haven’t personally noticed any gaping plotholes.

My most favorite scene in the movie would probably be the car chase in Moscow. I find it amazing how movie directors and stunt choreographers can coordinate a car chase in a well-known city that’s not in the United States. I remember also liking and being amazed by the car chase scene in the first movie, this time in Paris.

The acting wasn’t bad either. Joan Allen, who I recognized had played Eve Archer in Face/Off, was excellent as CIA agent Pamela Landy. Hmmm… I didn’t recognize that Joan Allen was also in The Notebook; she played Allie’s mother there. Matt Damon is really great as Jason Bourne; you can’t help but cheer for the guy. Julia Stiles? Her part in the movie was too small; she was simply there because she was in the first movie. Yet she delivered a good performance given her limited material.

The film’s editing is great. I didn’t find it dragging or too fast, and the action is really great. I just find the hand-held camera technique a bit too dizzying, though it adds to the edgy mood of the movie.

I haven’t read the books although my dad has a decades-old copy of the trilogy. Those who’ve read the books say that the movie’s storyline is completely different from the second book. But since Robert Ludlum, the original author, is also involved with the movie’s production, I guess he wanted to experiment with different plotlines for his character? I wonder what they’ll do for The Bourne Ultimatum? I hope it’s a car chase in Tokyo or Shanghai.  :)

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