Trying Out Baang Coffee at Tomas Morato

11:39 pm PHT

Two Sundays ago, I ate dinner at the Tomas Morato branch of this coffee house called Baang Coffee. I wasn’t actually planning to eat at Baang. My original target was Kozui Green Tea almost next door and I wanted to try out Kozui’s cold soba and green tea concoctions after reading positive reviews from foodies online. That planned excursion was however canceled when I couldn’t tell whether Kozui accepted credit cards or not (my cash flow was a bit crazy that time and I needed to use my card).  :-/ Good thing I went to Baang and saw that they accept Visa and that’s how I ended up there!

Since I was raring to have iced green tea because of the Kozui plan, that’s what I got at Baang Coffee. I also ordered a plate of their carbonara—this dish being a safe choice for me. (I also kinda gauge how good some restaurants are by how tasty their carbonara is.) Well, their offering didn’t disappoint. The green tea was quite delicious and yet unlike the usual bottled green teas. Their carbonara (Filipino-style, not Italian) was excellent. It had the expected usual sprinkling of Parmesan cheese as well as the requisite bits of bacon. The white sauce was creamy and they didn’t drown the spaghetti noodles in it.

Since I’m not a coffee person, I didn’t order any coffee at all so I can’t comment on their brews. But as a café, Baang is a pretty decent place. The shop consists of two floors and they have the usual al fresco area. They have free Wi-Fi (unsecured so you can actually piggyback on their network) and there are several power outlets inside. They don’t mind people who stay long as evidenced by this barkada I saw on the second floor playing a board game. It seems that Baang Coffee is a nice alternative tambayan or even a mobile office. I’m definitely considering this as a place to stay for a while if ever I’m in the area.  :-)

(Now to try Kozui again….)

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