There are 72 Starbucks Branches in the Philippines

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Via Jason Kottke is this link to Starbucks’ online store locator where I found out that there are 72 branches in the Philippines, all owned by Rustan’s Corporation, might I add? (I’m surprised—there’s only one branch in Cebu City?) From Jason’s post and readers’ comments, you can see that there are locations in New York and London where there are more than 150 Starbucks branches within a five-mile radius!

I find this interesting since I’ve observed before that there are places in Metro Manila where the number of Starbucks branches exceed that of Jollibee! My officemate and I once determined that there are eight branches in Ortigas Center alone (Shangri-la Streetscape, Megamall Megastrip, Megamall Bridgeway, The Podium, Robinson’s Galleria, Pearl Plaza, Emerald Ave., and Metrowalk).

Another thing I’ve wondered before is which two branches are nearest to each other. As far as I can tell (pun intended), the closest ones would have to be the Eastwood branches—there’s one at City Walk 2 on the ground floor and another at the fourth level, beside the cinemas. In a close second place are the Glorietta 4 branches—the popular fourth level branch near the cinemas, and the unnoticed one on the ground floor. In third place are the Megamall branches.

But nothing beats New York, where there are stores that are right across the street from each other! And most of the time they’re full!

The online store locator is very cool, actually. It’s very much up-to-date; I don’t know of any local store that is not on the website.

And finally, here’s the obligatory stores-I-have-tried list (in chronological order, if my memory serves me right):

  • Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City

  • 6750 Ayala Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati City

  • 4/F Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City

  • Bonifacio Stopover, Taguig City

  • Megamall Megastrip, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

  • Adriatico St., Malate, Manila

  • Shangri-la Streetscape, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

  • City Walk 2, Eastwood City, Quezon City

  • Alpap I Bldg., L.P. Leviste St., Makati City

  • Blue Wave, Diosdado Macapagal Ave., Pasay City

  • Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center, Makati City

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On 10:35 p.m., 26 Jan 2005, drei wrote:

fave starbucks ko sa katips, gb3, megastrip, at camp john hay sa baguio. try mo ung sa john hay, ibang iba! parang cabin na vacation place. sarap magbasa! i spent many sunday afternoons there alone.  :D

gusto ko rin ung seabest ng katips. asteeg ng smoking area nila! though i must quit smoking soon.


On 5:39 a.m., 27 Jan 2005, seav wrote:

Aha! Meron pa palang Starbucks na wala sa online store locator! Ang nakita ko lang na Starbucks sa Baguio sa website ay yung sa SM City Baguio. Nakalimutan ko pala na meron din sa Camp John Hay.

Yung mga fave kong Starbucks ang yung hindi matao. Yung Katips, GB3, at Megastrip, hindi ganon eh. So far yung pinaka-fave kong branches ay yung sa GB1, 6750, at Alpap I. Maganda yung huli kasi may katapat na isang magandang public park. Ang ganda pag gabi.

Ma-try nga sa Camp John Hay pag dumaan ulit ako sa Baguio.  :)


On 8:12 p.m., 28 Jan 2005, Joyce wrote:

starbucks dito sa europe is not super popular (starbucks vs italian coffee? i dont think so),and the fact is ’self service’ coffee isnt either. was in the local starbucks dito with a couple of classmates. mga 5 minutes kami nakaupo me and my japanese classmate stood up and said mag oorder na kami. my german friends looked at me and said ’what! there aren’t any waiters/waitresses here?!’ tapos sabi ko no smoking inside, lalo sila nagkagulo. anways to make a long story short, naasar sila, inaway nila ang mahal na coffee na hindi daw anything special, and vowed never to come back to ’that american establishment’


On 2:09 p.m., 29 Jan 2005, seav wrote:

Hahaha. That was funny.  :) I would’ve loved to see that scene. Culture crash talaga ang America pag dating sa Europe (na hindi UK).

Oo nga, ok yung cafe na nakita ko sa Before Sunset. Talagang may waitresses.  :)


On 10:12 a.m., 14 Feb 2005, ronnie wrote:

hey seav. maganda sabi ni sarah ang blog mo so i dropped in to say hi. maganda nga!

about starbucks, i dont think you mentioned their off-metro (excluding gasoline stations) sites. theres 2 in baguio, 1 in tarlac, 1 in tagaytay, 1 in sm pampanga and 1 in cebu.

binibilang ko sya kasi starbucks reminds me of home. katipunan that is. at saka hanap ako ng hanap ng starbucks sa amin…wala!

hello lang pala.


On 7:05 a.m., 15 Feb 2005, seav wrote:

Hey, Ronnie! Thanks!

My aim wasn’t really to mention all the Starbucks exchaustively. I only listed the Starbucks I’ve bought coffee from. So wala ang Starbucks Baguio, Pampanga, at kung saang lupalop pa ng Pilipinas. Hehehe.


On 11:30 p.m., 28 Mar 2005, Harry wrote:

i’m looking for a starbucks branch in quezon city. aside from the katipunan branch, where else in qc can i find a starbucks?is there a branch in sm north?

i’d appreciate any info…

thanks, harry


On 4:30 a.m., 29 Mar 2005, seav wrote:

Why don’t you try reading my entry (even only just the first paragraph) and you can see that I have linked to the Starbucks online store locator. From there you can find that there are 12—yes! 12—stores in Quezon City. But I’m not telling you right now. Go find out for yourself.  ;)


On 3:14 a.m., 1 Jul 2005, ashton wrote:

there are 2 starbucks stores in cebu—one in SM and one in Ayala. Another one coming up in Banilad though..



On 8:20 a.m., 11 Jul 2005, gordon galano wrote:

Ei sa mga laging umiinom ng coffee d2 pls pwede ba mag servey sainyo? para lang sa thesis namin pls… _ tnx pa email na lang skin y? do people patronizing coffee. tnx ulit!


On 2:35 p.m., 29 Jul 2005, pretch wrote:

before sa seatles aq but wen my friend invite me gs2 nya kc sa starbucks,.,., un mula nun lagi na q dun.,,,sa commonwealth ave. ba un??? i’m not sure but somewhere there.,,,!!! meron ba starbucks sa west triangle cr. east ave.,.,,!! la lang!!!.,., just want to know. tnx.,!! kip it up


On 9:05 a.m., 29 Jan 2006, miche wrote:


just wanted to comment, and hopefully i’m right… that there are starbucks in t. morato that are so close to each other… u will just have to cross the street, and next starbucks is already there… hehe..

just a thought..


On 6:52 a.m., 10 Feb 2006, jason wrote:

I find this blog very interesting. If you guys like to read and at the same time hangout and have a coffee. Magandang starbucks sa T. Morato at sa Shangri-la cinema level.  :)


On 2:12 p.m., 18 May 2006, enya wrote:

hi! i was browsing the internet ewan ko bakit dito ako napunta. hehehe good thing though i can relate to you guys. plug ko lang yung branch sa fort bonifacio taguig. punta kayo dun and enjoy your fave. coffee.

what’s your fave drink?

ako kapag morning i’m having tall irish cream espresso frappuccino blended coffee with onion bagel. try no

good job!


On 8:48 p.m., 1 Jun 2006, hierosgammos wrote:

its my first time to commet sa blog mo but im readng it a few weeks ago,ang masasabi ko lng.. ur blog is really great.. trivia lng! did you know that the mermaid in the starbucks logo has 2 fins..and the word “starbucks"comes from the name starbuck which was one of the character in the mobydick series..


On 8:14 a.m., 16 Aug 2006, J wrote:

i realized this was posted 2005 pa. just to give an update, there are two starbucks branches na in cebu. yung 1st was in Ayala Center and the 2nd is in SM Cebu City. I like the branch in Ayala Center. I hope they put up a Starbucks branch in Mindanao, say Davao or Cagayan de Oro.  :)


On 11:46 a.m., 17 Aug 2006, Lee wrote:

Hi,I read your comments and I just had an idea for my sociological research paper. Hmm, why do you guys patronize starbucks among any other coffee shops here in the Philippines? I’ll appreciate your help. Thanks a lot!


On 11:49 p.m., 13 Nov 2006, Miguel wrote:

I scanned the list of locations from a brochure. Among others, Lee Gardens Shaw Boulevard isn’t there yet.…

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