I Named 115 UN Countries in 10 Minutes

1:49 pm PHT

Not bad. I was able to name 115 UN member countries out of a total of 192 in 10 minutes. That’s almost 60%. Try to see if you can beat me via this cool online quiz. Tip: you don’t have to press the return key if you typed an unidentified country correctly. I would’ve listed my results here but that would spoil the fun!  :) (Via Kottke.)

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On 3:49 p.m., 16 Mar 2007, TheCoffee wrote:

I got 71. I can’t believe I forgot Greece.  :|


On 7:46 p.m., 16 Mar 2007, seav wrote:

Why Greece? I suppose you just saw 300?  :)

Well, I can’t believe I didn’t get Singapore and Brunei. Nakaka-pressure naman kasi ang timer e. I was somewhat systematically going from east to west and I somehow skipped these ASEAN countries. Pffft.  :/


On 7:27 p.m., 17 Mar 2007, TheCoffee wrote:

Greece just seems like one of those prominent European countries that shouldn’t be forgotten. Oh yeah, and I watched 300 last week too.  :/

It also didn’t accept my “Guinea Bissau” without the dash.


On 11:15 p.m., 17 Mar 2007, benj wrote:

I’m a geography geek so I’m still disappointed with 214.

I went with a by continent approach. hehe.


On 1:21 a.m., 18 Mar 2007, seav wrote:

benj, 214? So you tried the 245-country version and not the 192-UN version? Wow! I suppose you also know most of their capitals?

TheCoffee, it also didn’t accept my “Democratic Republic of Congo” (formerly Zaire) and “Republic of Congo.” Apparently, like the Philippines and the Netherlands, the “Congo” needs the “the.”

Hmmm… I think I’ll create a similar game but this time naming all 81 provinces of the Philippines.  :D


On 3:15 p.m., 18 Mar 2007, benj wrote:

Yeah, capitals and all. I’m that big of a geek. It was cool when I was a kid, now, it just makes me look weird. hahah

I think the provinces game is a good idea. It will help a lot of high school students. hehe


On 4:10 p.m., 18 Mar 2007, benj wrote:

I tried the UN quiz and I got 192. I felt cheated. haha. Bosnia-Hercegovina wasn’t allowed—Bosnia AND Hercegovina. Tapos yung Bahamas dapat “The Bahamas”. Ngek. hehehe

NaOC tuloy ako.


On 9:07 p.m., 18 Mar 2007, markku wrote:

Geeks! Hehe.


On 12:26 a.m., 19 Mar 2007, jorel wrote:

i got around 60… okay, i admit it, the last time i looked at a world map was years ago, so sue me  :P


On 2:45 p.m., 19 Sep 2007, jana wrote:

167! sweet test— really hard to think of some of them. i forgot tuvalu, antigua, etc. the south pacific in particular really got me.


On 10:31 a.m., 7 Aug 2009, Artur wrote:

damn 186 countries for some reason i skipped Mexico while i was typing

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