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Would you believe that I have never availed of any massage treatment at a spa before? The only massages that I’ve had was from your local manghihilot and a beach massage in Puerto Galera back in 2004. So I had placed “get a massage at a spa” on my proverbial things-to-do-before-I-die list and finally crossed that item out last weekend.  :D

A good friend of mine had been inviting me recently to go get ourselves a massage and I finally grabbed that opportunity. We went to the new Wensha Spa at the CCP complex, Pasay City (on the same block as the Boom na Boom carnival) at 10 p.m. last Sunday and stayed there until 4 a.m. (Yes, Wensha Spa is open 24/7, same as their original branch at Timog Ave. in Quezon City.)

For 580 pesos, you can avail of an hour-long full-body massage, free use of the wet areas (shower, pools, sauna, and steam room) and free soups, drinks, and snacks. That’s quite affordable, especially since other spas, like The Spa, charge much more. The place was quite clean and spacious and the attendants were quite alert and accomodating.

The locker rooms were good, with padded benches, lots of toiletries, and a cool keyless locker system (you just bring the pendant of your locker wristband to the lock on the locker door to have it automatically open). The wet areas were quite decent and comparable to the gyms I have been to (Fitness First and Gold’s Gym), though I must protest the sauna and steam room. The sauna seemed to be a broiler at around 100°C! I couldn’t stand being in it for more than a minute and note that I can happily stay for 10 minutes at a 80°-sauna at Gold’s. The steam room, on the other hand, was at a comfortable temperature, but the menthol was too strong that it was as if they were boiling a pot full of Halls candies somewhere.

The massage was ok, I guess. Since I have never had a full-body massage before, I could not tell whether the treatment I had was par for the course, a real delight, or a flop. Well, it was pleasurable enough, though there were a few times when I thought the therapist was going to break my bones. Hehehe. Too bad that my friend and I had to cut our naps short after the massage—I did feel very relaxed after all.  :)

Would I go back to Wensha? I definitely would. I did have fun and I could certainly get used to getting pampered and all. I doubt I’ll get addicted (like other people) since it’s a large expense even if I think it’s affordable. I will also definitely try other spas based on other people’s recommendations.

If you want to hear what other people say about Wensha Spa in Pasay, I’m sure you’re quite capable of using various web and blog search engines. There are also a few photo albums on Multiply. But to get you started on your quest, here are Wensha Spa Pasay accounts from noted bloggers Anton and Ajay.

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On 3:17 p.m., 23 Nov 2007, Joni wrote:

I love spas! I would get a massage every week if I could. Only it’s impractical. hehe.

Php 580 is a tad too expensive. You can get a good massage (with free use of wet areas) for less than Php 500. But hey if the masseuse is good, then P580 is just fine.  :D


On 5:52 p.m., 23 Nov 2007, seav wrote:

@Joni, oh? So where are those nice more affordable spas so I can go try them out?  :D Addict ka sa spa. Hehehe


On 8:54 p.m., 23 Nov 2007, ajay wrote:

Thanks for the mention Eugene. But I’d like to know also, where are the cheaper than cheap spas with sauna?  :D


On 9:16 p.m., 24 Nov 2007, benj wrote:

Yup,this one kicks ass, Eugene. We brought our couchsurfer friend to Wensha after a day of driving around the countryside. Hehe.

The flooring around the sauna/steam rooms is about rough though. And yeah, they have spotlights on the floor as well! You can literally burn yourself. haha.

But hey, you can’t argue with free food! Sarap ng Shabu-shabu nila.And yeah, bottomless drinks! SULIT sobra. haha


On 4:55 p.m., 27 Nov 2007, seav wrote:

@Ajay, you’re welcome!

@Benj, haha. I got scalded a bit from the floor lights, too. And I agree that the pebble flooring is a pain in the foot.  :D


On 7:30 p.m., 3 Dec 2007, drei wrote:

i can’t finish a month without visiting to the spa at least once. adik na ata ako. hehe!

it really takes away my back pains.


On 10:56 a.m., 4 Dec 2007, seav wrote:

@Drei, addict! Maybe you can recommend other nice and affordable spas?  :D


On 12:15 a.m., 21 Dec 2007, basie wrote:

hi visit wensha spa center in pasay and avail our spa services. wait for our site coming this 2008!!!!! hope 2 see u there guys….


This comment has been murdered.


On 5:33 p.m., 16 Jan 2008, RIYVEN wrote:

i love spa too. so i try to visit wensha timog and i feel the same way that other say i really have found wen i visit and try to get a body massage, magilng yung mga masseur try nyo request “mico” marerelax tlga kyo. kya nga every week i visit wensha para marelax you really have fun wen you go to wensha, by end of the month i try naman to visit wensha pasay.


On 2:31 p.m., 29 Apr 2008, sarah wrote:

hi! I was just browsing over spa websites and I happened to browse over yours. super ok ba sa wensha? looks like u guys are really familiar with the diff spas around the metro. anyways, just wanted to ask f u’v tried the getaway spa? ( pra kasing gusto ko itry mag pa-spa kaso di ko alm san mganda. many thanks!


On 11:20 p.m., 2 May 2008, Gina wrote:

I’m a spa addict and for those who are asking, perhaps you’d like Ritz Spa in Adriatico Malate, Senses in Sucat Road (before airport), Networld, Sanctuario in Malate and Body Tune(most SM malls)… all these have wet floors but they don’t offer buffet and hotpots like Wensha. If you are really looking for best facility and service, try Hyatt and Mandarin’s spa boutiques (very expensive though, more than 1k for 1 service alone, a package will cost at least 3k, but best for honeymooners and couples. out of town, got the best massage and ambiance from Sonya’s Garden and Nature’s Spa (both in Tagaytay). Hope this helps!


On 12:21 p.m., 9 May 2008, maverick wrote:

Hi Been reading your comments about the wensha SPA. Do I need to have a reservation/schedule or you just walk in. Baka kasin sobra daming tao specilly this mothers day. Do they have a number I can call.

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