Weekend in Boracay

11:25 pm PHT

Well, I’m typing this entry now somewhere near Station 3 on White Beach in Boracay Island. I’m one of the “travel and photo bloggers” that Abe mentioned is on a sponsored trip by Microtel, Seair, and Zuzuni. Apparently, having a virtual travel blog and a travel quiz site makes me a travel blogger even though I don’t really travel (my Lakbayan grade is a measly C minus). But, that’s fine by me since I got to go to Boracay for free! And this is my first time here to boot.  :-D

I’ll make a more in-depth blog post when I get back to Manila because I didn’t bring any sort of Internet device. Since this is my first time to Boracay, I want to maximize my free time seeing what the island has to offer.

I have to go back to Diniwid Beach now—that’s where Microtel Boracay is. And if you know your Boracay geography, that means that I will have walked almost the whole length of White Beach back and forth. That’s about six eight kilometers. I’m sure my feet will kill me when I get back to my room. Hehehe.  ;)

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On 3:38 a.m., 12 Jan 2008, boracay wrote:

whoops!..heheh..if you are 6 kilometers from microtel, then you must have found a new internet cafe on the southern tip of the Island! Actually, theres some really close to you near station 1. How do you like the weather? It’s nicely cooler right now.


On 10:08 p.m., 12 Jan 2008, estan wrote:

congrats pre. iba na talaga mga sikat  :p


On 12:21 a.m., 13 Jan 2008, joyjoy wrote:

haha… 6 kilometers only?! (is punched) i walked from tokyo station to gotanda twice already… and the first time i did that, my friend and i got lost around tokyo station and its surrounding area while making our way to tokyo tower… and just know i walked from shinbashi to shinagawa! i love walking!!! it saves me from paying train fares


On 9:17 p.m., 13 Jan 2008, Ryan wrote:

Wow, you’re so lucky. I’d kill for free trips to bora! Well not kill really. Maim, maybe.


On 9:49 p.m., 13 Jan 2008, seav wrote:

@Boracay, are you Boracay Bill from various online forums and Wikipedia? Welcome to my blog.  :-) I checked out the map and it seems I walked eight, not six, kilometers back and forth (so that’s four kilometers one way). I found an Internet cafe at Sitio Angol, near the southern end of the beach.  :)

@estan, sikat? Not really. Hehehe. I don’t get to travel much like you guys, even to the popular tourist traps, so opportunities like these are too good to pass up.  :)

@Joy, okay, try doing that with sand on your feet and scrapes on your soles. Besides, you’re expected to walk long distances in Tokyo. I walked an average of four kilometers every workday during my first trip there.

@Ryan, yep, lucky indeed!  :D


On 12:21 p.m., 14 Jan 2008, Ferdz wrote:

Grabe, naglakad ka pala hanggang dun ng gabi. Hehe. Pero at least you saw the night lights of Boracay that night. Kahit medyo maulan.


On 2:56 p.m., 14 Jan 2008, melo villareal wrote:

wow i just found this via technorati… nakapagpost ka na rin pala… ako baka later pa


On 5:50 p.m., 14 Jan 2008, titopao wrote:

Inggit naman ako sa ’yo. Not because you were in Boracay (although that might count  ;) ), but because I like hanging around the beach for a good day’s rest. Simpleng nakaupo lang sa ilalim ng puno at namamahinga lang habang nanonood sa tabing-dagat. And, yeah, maybe some girl-watching too  ;)


On 2:37 a.m., 16 Jan 2008, seav wrote:

@Ferdz, yup, malayo talaga! You really gotta see Boracay both in the day and at night to appreciate it.

@Melo, hehe, I’ve already seen your posts.  :D

@Tito Pao, yep, watching the people on the beach is nice. But I didn’t have shades so I was blinded by the white sand during the day.  :p I’m definitely going back to Boracay, but it’s likely later rather than sooner. Hehehe.

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