Weekend in Boracay

11:25 pm PHT

Well, I’m typing this entry now somewhere near Station 3 on White Beach in Boracay Island. I’m one of the “travel and photo bloggers” that Abe mentioned is on a sponsored trip by Microtel, Seair, and Zuzuni. Apparently, having a virtual travel blog and a travel quiz site makes me a travel blogger even though I don’t really travel (my Lakbayan grade is a measly C minus). But, that’s fine by me since I got to go to Boracay for free! And this is my first time here to boot.  :-D

I’ll make a more in-depth blog post when I get back to Manila because I didn’t bring any sort of Internet device. Since this is my first time to Boracay, I want to maximize my free time seeing what the island has to offer.

I have to go back to Diniwid Beach now—that’s where Microtel Boracay is. And if you know your Boracay geography, that means that I will have walked almost the whole length of White Beach back and forth. That’s about six eight kilometers. I’m sure my feet will kill me when I get back to my room. Hehehe.  ;)

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