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I got curious as to which Pinoy blogs have the highest traffic according to Alexa. While traffic is not the only important measurement of a blog’s worth (there is also number of feed subscribers, number of incoming links, Google PageRank, etc.) it is the metric most indicative of a blog’s potential profitability in terms of ad revenue (see my earlier post about online ads). Practically every advertising scheme on the Web relies on getting high traffic. An ad program that uses CPM (cost per mil [thousand]) is directly affected by traffic—every page view translates to a constant income. Even if the ad program uses the CTR metric (click-trough rate), the site’s ad revenue grows as traffic grows even if the CTR remains constant.

There are a few sites that rank websites/blogs by traffic. There’s the Top Philippine Websites, which ranks all Pinoy websites (not just blogs) according to Alexa, but it’s not updated in real-time and it hard to slice and dice the data and their categorization scheme sucks (conflating subject matter and site format together: games and entertainment vs. forums and blogs). There is also the re-launched Top Blogs which ranks websites by traffic, but getting included in their list is purely voluntary.

So, I manually compiled a list of the top Pinoy blogs according to Alexa using the two sites above, and, Janette’s list of top Pinoy blogs according to Blog Juice, and a few other lists, as a source of blogs to check. The result is the list below:

The number on the left is the 3-month Alexa ranking as of the day I wrote this entry. Alexa’s considers websites that are in the top 100,000 to be the top tier, so I decided to cut off my list to 100,000, plus 20,000 for good measure. Take note that Alexa often lumps subdomains together so the traffic to a particular blog may also include other blogs, such as SELaplana’s site (which also contains a Naruto blog and a song lyrics blog).

Looking at the list, I’m actually quite surprised that there’s a wide variety in the type of blogs. I thought that showbiz-entertainment blogs, make-money-online blogs, and blogs that show sexy pictures would dominate the list. Well, they are there, but we also have a cooking blog, several personal blogs, tech blogs, gay blogs, and blogs about blogging in the mix.

What do you think of the list? Also, are there any Pinoy blogs that I have missed?  :)

Update (March 27): Added a couple more blogs to the list (marked with an asterisk. I didn’t bother updating the traffic rankings of the earlier blogs since I don’t think it would change that much in five days.  :)

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