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Well, I’ve decided to join the Proudly Pinoy logo contest where people submit up to three logos depicting the concept of being proudly Pinoy. The winning logo can then be used by Filipino websites to display their Pinoy pride and the winning logo-maker gets a cool cash prize of 10,000 pesos. Shown to the right are the entries I submitted.

Anyway, I know that logo making contests are a generally bad idea. The organizing body of such a contest is essentially getting free speculative work leaving the majority of the contestants spending time and effort for something that is likely to go unrewarded. The right way to go about getting a logo, or any design for that matter, is to contract with a design agency in order to foster a client-designer relationship that benefits both parties.

Professional designers are therefore encouraged to shun such contests and effort should be taken to educate clients on the disadvantages of using design/logo-making contests to obtain illustrative work.

But since I’m not a professional designer, I don’t have too much objections to the Proudly Pinoy logo contest. In fact, the organizers did the right thing in not forcing the participants to hand over the copyrights to the submissions; only the winning logo will have its copyright given to the organizers. On the other hand, since joining the contest is still speculative work, I really did not spend too much time in making my own logos—it’s not worth the effort. Moreover, with no clear guidelines or contest criteria, and with hundreds of submissions, you can’t hope to win on skill alone. Luck plays a huge part.

Now that my rant is out, let’s look at the submissions. Here are the ones that I like (load up the Proudly Pinoy page on another browser tab or window to follow along):

  • #2 is a nice, simple, and clean design. But it still lacks the oomph factor.

  • #4 is cute and interesting. The colors could’ve been improved to match the Philippine flag though (e.g., the blue should be darker).

  • #15 and 16. These logos are beautiful! #15’s pearl is an excellent idea and they’re both really elegant-looking.

  • #35 features a stylized tarsier, which is a great concept for the Philippines. But foreigners might say, “huh?”

  • #37 is another simple, nice, and clean logo.

  • #44. The best jeepney logo among the bunch.

  • #47 is simple and could really fit nicely on a lot of websites.

  • #71 wouldn’t look out of place on a Web 2.0 site.

  • #91’s mouse cursor is clever and tastefully done! But the concept limits its use only on the Internet and other computer-related fields.

  • #107 is a professional-looking design. The use of the peso sign is a bit iffy though.

  • #113 is very elegant. But I would’ve preferred that the initial ‘P’ was the one highlighted instead of the ‘R.’ While RP means “Republic of the Philippines,” this is not immediately obvious.

  • #115 provides a cool informal look. The strokes could use some more width though.

  • #125’s art mural concept is refreshing, if only the words were more clearer.

  • #140 and 141. Simple, minimalist, and elegant! But it would’ve been better if the yellow were more golden.

  • #154’s informal and modern look would make for a good sticker.

  • #173, like #107, looks professionally-done. But like #91, the mouse concept limits its use too much.

  • #182 and 183 made good use of the common initial and final letters.

  • #207 is the first nice-looking logo I’ve seen that doesn’t use the colors of the Philippine flag. Too bad the word “proudly” is not placed right.

  • #209. Now why didn’t I think of that? A parol-inspired concept! I really, really like this one! I would like it even more if he had used a five-pointed star.

  • #211. Possibly the best straw hat logo.

  • #247. I’ve wanted to do a brush-stroke logo. This one does it nicely. The font could’ve been better though.

  • #267. Just because. *wink*

  • #288, 289, 290. You should have an idea by now that I like minimalist designs.  :)

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On 1:38 a.m., 13 Jul 2007, Mike wrote:

Your first entry is terrific. Your second one has the flag of China on it.  :p

I would join too but there are already so many good entries, I wouldn’t stand a chance.


On 10:36 a.m., 13 Jul 2007, benj wrote:

the first one definitely pops out—very strong. I wont be surprised if that wins.

I didn’t know you had a Simon Cowell side to you. hehe


On 10:53 a.m., 13 Jul 2007, benj wrote:

Speaking of popping out, entry 123 looks like a woman’s uterus and fallopian tubes pregnant with 3 stars and a sun (err, four stars strictly speaking… haha).


On 1:31 p.m., 13 Jul 2007, joyce wrote:

euge i like your entries. madating yung una. i’m glad you entered.


On 5:35 p.m., 13 Jul 2007, undextrois wrote:

I prefer the first entry.=)


On 6:51 p.m., 14 Jul 2007, seav wrote:

@Mike, oo nga ano? But China’s has 5 stars.  :)

@benj, well, I sometimes like to be direct to the point when critiquing something. Well, I’ll be surprised if I do win because I really did not put much effort in these logos. Hehehe. Regarding the fallopian tubes, don’t the tubes go straight to the sides instead of curving upwards? For me, it looks like some sort of weird horned bovine.

@joyce, thanks! I had fun creating these logos.  :)

@undextrois, thanks! Hmmm, isn’t your name supposed to be undeuxtrois?  :p


On 7:39 p.m., 15 Jul 2007, estan wrote:

logo 1 is definitely good. i like the colors, the concept. its pinoy and pleasing to the eyes.

a company would want to get good photos for stock? mount a photo contest. in that way, you don’t have to spend for very expensive licensing. just spend for promotions and prizes and you get all these wonderful photos almost free of charge. look at what epson did. or PAL or cebu pacific.

but i should say I joined, got in as a finalist (epson) and won as one of the runnerups (Cebu Pacific). :0


On 6:30 a.m., 16 Jul 2007, benj wrote:

Fine. I didn’t know we were doing Grey’s Anatomy here. Lol. The whole idea of the uterus is there though. Hehe.

Best of luck!  :p


On 11:32 p.m., 16 Jul 2007, seav wrote:

@estan, thanks for the compliment! I think photo contests are not too bad. There’s a lot less effort in snapping good non-studio pictures than in creating designs. Good for you for winning!  :)

@benj, well you started the anatomy thing. Besides, you’re a med student! Hmmm, it does sort of look like a uterus by itself.  :D


On 1:11 a.m., 19 Jul 2007, Filipinayzd wrote:

Galing nung 1nang entri. Yung ika-2, China kaagad pumasok sa isip ko. Konting modifikeysyon lang sa 1na, nasa 2/3 yung obelisk at nasa left yung blung field.


On 10:57 a.m., 19 Jul 2007, seav wrote:

@Filipinayzd, naisumite ko na ang entry ko bago ko napansin na dapat nasa kanang bahagi nga dapat ang monumento ni Rizal tapos baligtad ang kulay. Hindi na puwede pang palitan ang mga entry, kasi. Lumalabas tuloy na nasa estado ng giyera ang Pilipinas.  :p


On 9:46 p.m., 19 Jul 2007, Filipinayzd wrote:

Lagot ka kay GMA. Baka paimbestigahan ka.


On 2:36 a.m., 20 Jul 2007, Mrb wrote:

Congrats on your runner up place, I like you entry more than the winner.


On 10:51 a.m., 20 Jul 2007, seav wrote:

@Filipinayzd, hehehe. May Human Security Act na nga pala ano?  :)

@Mrb, thanks! Too bad there’s no runner-up prize.  :p


On 11:18 a.m., 20 Jul 2007, undextrois wrote:

i play around with une-deux-trois .lol!


On 12:22 p.m., 20 Jul 2007, seav wrote:

@undextrois, ah so it’s intentional. Your real name wouldn’t happen to be Dexter now, would it?  :) (Or is it really Finch?)


On 4:39 p.m., 20 Jul 2007, Filipinayzd wrote:

Pwede bang gamitin ko yung entri mo (pwede ring iedit mo na sins tapos na yung kontest) insted yung nanalo? SUTIL! Hindi naman sa nagpoprotesta? Ika nga Philippines is a (semi-)free country.


On 2:14 a.m., 21 Jul 2007, joyce wrote:

sayang you didnt win! and I second the motion that yours was better than the winner.

i really hated the “most creative one”. seriously, having our national hero be like superman? what the? it strikes me as so wrong on so many levels. superman is seen as an american comic icon. even if he is from krypton. and he doesn’t save the world anyway, he saves metropolis!

ewan. naiinis ako. people think that once again perpetuating that colonial thinking is creative. hmph.

anyway euge congratulations!! you definitely deserve the runner-up, and a win if you won sana!


On 9:08 a.m., 21 Jul 2007, Filipinayzd wrote:

Yung “pinaka-krieytiv” nasa blog ko na. Isa yun sa mga personal feyvorit (not necessarily mean bet). Haha. Nanotis nyo ba na yung winer, pinakahawig sa winer ng Proudly South African logo kontest?


On 12:44 p.m., 21 Jul 2007, g0ma wrote:

i’m glad included your url sa logo mo. pero i’m glad nasali yung entry mo sa runnerup, yung sayo pa naman kase yung bet ko. didn’t expect na ikaw pala nagsubmit nun. binaligtad mo pala yung nick mo, ginawa mong seav… i was here before and kaya pala familiar, dahil pala dun sa Lakbayan mo na inintroduce ni mythos sa akin.

congratulations na rin! ikaw ang bigatin!


On 8:49 p.m., 21 Jul 2007, seav wrote:

Thanks everybody for the kind words! I have a new entry about the contest.  :)

@Filipinayzd, the winner is just similar in shape and text style to the Proudly South African logo. But if there was a blatant inspiration of that logo, it’s entry #39.  :p

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