“Pink Life”

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My search for this song is actually quite a tale in itself. It is a piece of female vocal house music that I heard on the radio (99.5 RT’s On the Decks) a few weekends ago. I instantly liked it and tried to listen to the lyrics so I can research more about it on the Web. Searching proved futile since I didn’t find any lyrics matching what I heard. So I relegated the song to the back burner for future reference.

Then about two weekends ago, while I was with my friends at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Alabang Town Center, I heard the song again amidst a playlist of house and chillout music (including the infamous “Ever After”). This time, I listened to the words more carefully which definitely made me look inattentive and with my mind up in the clouds to my friends.

So when I got home, I Googled the lyrics once more and found a bunch of blog posts (like this and this and that) that gave me the title ("Pink Life”) and complete lyrics (still maybe incorrect). Here’s the chorus:

Always follow what’s in your heart
Always listen to what’s inside
Always fly high and don’t come down
And don’t come down
Push yourself far over the limit
Push your mind I had with your spirit
Push it well, you never thought you could go right
And never come down

But still no artist!

This blog post says that the song is by someone or some group named Yelli, but there’s no indication that it exists.

I searched for the song in my usual music reference sites (, Perfect Beat, and the AMG AllMusic) but I only get this rock song titled “The Pink Life”.

General Google searching brings up a clue: “Pink Life” might have been by an artist named Gyskard, but all the links I found only brought me to some Russian site selling MP3s.

Not to be defeated, I finally e-mailed DJ David of On the Decks and asked him about the song. He confirmed that the artist is indeed Gyskard and that the song was released in late 2003.

So armed with this new knowledge, I finally came up with this page on Juno Records, which seems to have the only “official” info on the song. You can listen to the samples on that page; one is the original version and the other is the unappealing 70s disco version.

Like many of the songs I like, I hear the song in many places again. Last Friday, a friend of mine called me up after weeks of not communicating, and what does he have playing in the background? Yep, “Pink Life.” I also heard the song playing in a bar somewhere in Manila, too.

And I find it all weird since this song is quite obscure. You can’t find it on the Apple iTunes Music Store, MSN Music, and Yahoo! Music. And since I doubt I can obtain the music through ordinary means, I resorted to downloading it off a network.

One mystery I have left is why all the lyrics results page I got seem to all come from Filipino blogs. I got a clue, but I have yet to confirm, that the song is included in the local Smirnoff Unleash compilation that you can find at various Tower Records and Music One stores. That might explain it.

Anyway, by posting this on my blog, I hope to help some other poor soul fishing for information on this song. Like this person who commented on one of the blog posts I’ve linked to above.

Update: Yep, it’s in the Smirnoff album according to benj, and I’ve confirmed it through my own field inspection.  =)

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