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I was caught unawares by the news that 99.5 HiT FM would be replaced by the old Campus Radio station. So last Holy Week, the HiT Squad signed of the air and 99.5 Campus FM started its broadcast on Easter Sunday. It should be recalled that the old Campus Radio on 97.1 MHz was reformatted by RGMA into Barangay LS 97.1 early last year and that the institutional 99.5 RT also bid goodbye (to become 99.5 HiT FM) about a month earlier than that. While HiT FM is RT in practically everything but name, the Campus FM will definitely be a step into a different direction.

I’ve started listening a lot to the radio since 2004 and I find these station reformattings and rebrandings a bit unsettling. Of course, it’s all about business and profitability, but practically every FM radio station has its stable of loyal fans that are always crushed whenever the station owners decide to begin anew.

I’ve listened to some snatches of the new station and it seems to be a weird mish-mash of HiT and Campus FM both in terms of music played, the DJs, and the shows. The Brewsters (fans) are surely rejoicing that their beloved HiT show BrewRats! is still alive (I don’t listen to this) and house music enthusiasts would be glad to know that DJ David’s house music show that’s been running since the RT days is still on the air.

Anyway, the rumors about HiT FM reformatting began appearing on on this PinoyExchange thread about a month ago. Now that the new station has started airing, this new PEx thread, has been filled with more stories, rumors, and comparisons from listeners. Finally, this video tribute to 99.5 HiT FM sums up the sentiments of its listeners.

Well, I’m still primarily a Jam 88.3 listener and I’d definitely be sad if and when Quest Broadcasting Radio will axe it. After all, they did axe 99.5 RT and 103.5 K-Lite.

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