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10:42 pm PHT

Nah, I don’t think enough has been said.

The hot weather has been physically draining as of late. I’m losing sleep trying to ignore the heat. There’s already news about the summer heat wave on the TV a while ago. Bloggers from all over the Metro have been answering the proverbial question: “How’s the weather?” (Thanks Technorati!)

Interestingly, I knew way back in December that I’d be dreading this kind of weather in summer. Back then, I was cursing the cold air and I had to grit my teeth at the icy water whenever I took a bath in the morning. Despite the fact that our showers were equipped with heaters, I forced myself not to use it like back in college where the baths I took were cold. I quietly told myself that I will miss this cool feeling during summer, and boy was I right!

At least during tag-lamig, you can wear additional clothes and sleep with extra blankets. But during tag-init, sleeping shirtless provides little additional comfort while you force yourself to snooze while sweating from head to toe.

Drei, maybe you should’ve postponed your move to Manila until after summer. I am suddenly missing Baguio.

(Conspiracy theory: the tourism office of the City of Baguio has engineered the weather in Manila to become extremely hot so that Manileños will find the reason to go back to the Philippines’ summer capital after their tourism industry sank because of the meningoccocemia scare and the high toll fees on the NLEX.)

One thing to be thankful for is that I work 8x5 in an air conditioned environment. At least I’m no longer studying in UP where the classrooms are notoriously hot. Then again, most of the classes during my last two years in college were held in air conditioned rooms—even the non-EEE ones.

But that thought provides miniscule assurance as I attempt to sleep tonight.

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