Manila from Space at Night

11:39 am PHT

Here’s a fascinating picture of Metro Manila taken almost 3 years ago from space by NASA astronauts (I think on the International Space Station). It’s the first time I’ve seen a picture like it; one that shows the metropolis I love from outer space during nighttime. (Compare with this similar picture of London.) Astronomy enthusiasts might also remember this nighttime composite picture of the whole world.

If you’re a little disoriented with the photo, north is towards the upper-left of the picture. The bright semicircular ring of light, with the two equally bright strings of light heading off to the upper left and lower right are EDSA, NLEX, and SLEX respectively. The lights going straight vertically are España, Quezon Avenue, and Commonwealth Avenue. I’m guessing that the bright patch of lights on the left portion of the picture is the City of San Fernando in Pampanga.

Other bright roads and areas in Metro Manila include Alabang-Zapote Road, Sucat Road, NAIA, C-5, Ortigas Avenue, Shaw Blvd., Aurora Blvd., Malate, Ermita, and the Makati Central Business District. Also visible are various town centers in Cavite and Laguna, and Subic Bay Zone in the lower left (I’m guessing). Bulacan seems positively dark in comparison (maybe there was a brownout?)  =)

If I have time, I’ll see if I can overlay a road map on top of the picture. It would be interesting to see if my guesses were correct and to individually label each bright provincial spot.

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