LazerXtreme and Serendra

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Late last month, I went to Bonifacio Global City to meet up with my college barkada. One of us would be migrating to the States (where her family already is) in October and the gang decided to have an early despedida. I came a bit late since I was in Nasugbu and caught up with them having dinner at Gerry’s Grill in Market! Market! Afterwards we had a game of laser tag at the popular LazerXtreme before crashing at Serendra where one of us has a unit. That was the first time I tried LazerXtreme and also the first time I stepped inside the condo proper of Serendra.


First things first: I managed a respectable 5th place out of 24 players. Woot! And I did that without racking up points standing near a “base” and shooting the hell out of it. I was able to tag other players 90 times while only getting tagged 36 times. My final score was 9600 (which is much less than the #1 player at 18950) with a shooting accuracy of only 15.87% (that’s what you get when you have unlimited ammo). This is fun!  :-D

This isn’t actually the first time I played a laser tag game. The last time was many, many years ago at the old Q-Zone in Shangri-La Plaza Mall (or was it SM Megamall?). I still have the scoresheet from that game tucked somewhere in my closet.  :-)

I have to agree with the observation of other people that have tried LazerXtreme before that you will really sweat even if the game lasts for only 15 minutes. It might be the adrenaline pumping, but I think that the air conditioning was not supplied for the game arena or it wasn’t strong enough.


I’m a big fan of Ayala Land and stepping inside the residences at Serendra just affirms my admiration of this company. The gardens between the buildings are really, really nice and we even heard frogs croaking in the ponds somewhere.

The unit my friend got is a one-bedroom unit on the fifth floor at Serendra Two. What I particularly liked about the unit is its corner floor-to-ceiling glass windowed nook. They placed their glass computer table there (to match the glass windows) and it overlooks one of the swimming pools. I envy their computer setup for having such a nice, nice view.  :-)

(Seeing the condo just strengthens my resolve to get a condo unit someday. heck, my dream/goal is still pretty much unchanged.)

We also had lots of laughter and loads of fun playing Nintendo Wii. We took turns at the standard Wii Sports and also at the addicting Game Party. A friend even showed us how he gets outrageous scores at the hoop shot subgame by exploiting a “bug” of the game. Hehehe. It’s too bad that we all had to leave at midnight or otherwise we’d be staying up all night playing.  :-D

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