Jamming with Shooting Stars

8:17 am PHT

“And now here’s something from Deepest Blue called ‘Shooting Stars,’” DJ Harry of Jam 88.3 announced just several minutes ago. And I did an, “Oh my God! They played Deepest Blue!” I knew that I just had to blog about it.

When I first heard the duo’s “Shooting Stars” from their Late September album, I thought that it would make a great addition to Jam 88.3’s playlist. It’s not electronic music and it seems to fit Jam’s style of music. I wanted then to suggest to the station (via their textline) to consider playing the song but I didn’t since I think Deepest Blue is too obscure an artist for Jam 88.3. But here they are, playing it!

I wonder if other people will also like it enough so that it will get into Jam’s On The Charts weekly top ten list. That’ll be the day.

It’s too bad that Deepest Blue disbanded this year. I just love their music; Late September is definitely the most played CD among my collection.

(Hmmm, the second falling-star-related music post in a row. Maybe I should blog about Morjac’s “Stars” next?  =))

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