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7:58 am PHT

Oh. My. God. This has got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen on Google Maps by far. Google has now integrated street-level panoramic views of practically every street in 5 U.S. cities: New York, San Francisco, Miami, Denver, and Las Vegas. The photos only require a flash player, is zoomable, pannable 360°, and it’s interactive! You could practically do a virtual drive around these cities! It’s almost as good as being there.  :D

Head on over to the blog post at Google Maps Mania or at Google Earth Blog to learn more about this. Or if you want a taste of things, check out the video of this feature by Google.

This totally trumps a similar feature by Microsoft Live in terms of slickness and amount of data. And Microsoft’s cherished bird’s eye view now seems to be obsolete.

Go Google!

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On 4:05 p.m., 2 Jun 2007, benj wrote:

I just used Google Maps to help my folks see places in Chicago (they’re going next week). Lo and behold, there were driving instructions as well! Phenomenal! hehe


On 4:12 p.m., 2 Jun 2007, Karlo.PinoyBlogero wrote:

Ever since Google Earth was released to the public, I was already expecting that they will release a feature like this. But I never thought that they would do it this good!


On 12:08 p.m., 5 Jun 2007, benj wrote:

But… I can already smell lawsuits. hehe. Privacy issues?


On 10:59 p.m., 5 Jun 2007, seav wrote:

Benj, it’s true that there will be privacy issues, but I think all the photos are legal since they’re taken from public places and not on private property. I’m sure Google has thought of the possible privacy issues, but they should have blurred or pixelated plate numbers and faces at least before releasing the images.

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