Down with the Parliament!

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If the purported new Philippine Constitution will make the Philippine government a parliamentary system, I would vote it down and encourage others to do the same in the plebiscite that seeks the new constitution’s approval.

It’s really no wonder JdV is pushing for a parliamentary system; It’s almost a shoo-in that he’d be our country’s second Prime Minister (Marcos was the first). Since the Parliament is very, very similar to a House of Representatives, and given the fact that JdV has managed to become Speaker of the House four times already, you’d see that my musings (and those of many other people) are not baseless.

Do you really want JdV to become the country’s leader? JdV knows that he isn’t popular enough to be elected President. He begrudgingly conceded the 1998 presidential elections to Erap. So his only hope to become the head of the government is to push for a parliamentary system, be easily elected as a Member of the Parliament (MP), and convince his colleagues to elect him Prime Minister.

I’m in favor of federalism though, given the numerous rumblings about “Imperial Manila” from the countryside (you only need to read column opinions and reader reactions in provincial newspapers). Though federalism has its own set of problems, too.

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