Occasionally You Do Something Really Stupid

11:47 pm PHT

Like almost crushing your Nokia 6610. I “misplaced” the phone under an equipment bar at the gym today, under the mistaken impression that it’ll be safer there (safe from prying eyes). What escaped my mind was that that bar goes down to the floor when using the gym machine. So I almost crushed my already battered phone.

I can’t hardly use it now since the LCD screen is smashed. Right now, only a sixth of the screen displays anything resembling what it’s supposed to display. The rest shows a really interesting iridescent pattern that reminds me of strange attractors.

Anyway, being the optimistic person I am, I’m not particularly devastated by this unseries of unfortunate event. Fortunately, only the LCD was broken—the memory chip with all its SMS messages, and phone book entries could also have been subjected to my stupidity. Fortunately, I’m not a heavy cellphone user and it broke in the middle of the week when I use the phone even less. And fortunately, there’s a Semicon branch in Eastwood near my office that I just happened to visit today before going to the gym thereby learning that they do cellphone repairs. (And it’s also fortunate that most of the popular Nokia models nowadays use the same LCD so Semicon ought to have replacement LCDs in stock).

Unfortunately, I’m a little short of cash right now since I bought something I’ve been planning to get for quite a long time now. Fortunately, payday is just around the corner and I have a lot of people I can loan money from. Hehehe.  :D

Here’s hoping that Semicon can repair my phone tomorrow!

Update: Okay, I got my phone back with a brand new screen. Fortunately, and as I suspected, Semicon had LCD screens in stock. Unfortunately, their technician was out for the day when I brought the unit in so I had to leave my phone overnight for an operation that would’ve taken just 30 minutes. The whole thing costed me PhP2,365: 1,865 pesos for the LCD itself (just about right, the Web gave me £21 figures) and 500 pesos for the labor. Not bad.

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