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9:00 am PHT

It’s almost inevitable that I’ll be subscribing to some sort of broadband Internet connection someday but I’m holding on to my dial-up access like some old guy afraid of technology.

Well, I’d love to access the Web at high speeds, but I’m afraid I’d become more addicted to being online than I already am now. With dial-up, I get to discriminate the content you want to see especially that I’m on the brink of becoming overwhelmed by the huge amount of content that can be found on the Net. I don’t really mind missing out on the goodness that is Google Earth, but I’m afraid I’d waste time on sites like YouTube if I can’t control myself with broadband speeds.

That and the fact that I don’t want my sisters commandeering my computer and downloading manga, anime, and J-pop, J-Rock, and anime music. (I can turn on disk quota management, but still.)

My parents have lately been pitching me to get a DSL account because they get annoyed when I hog the landline whenever I log on to the Internet. But PLDT is the only available DSL company in my area and from what I have heard, they partially suck.

Anyway, I’ve filled out PLDT’s MyDSL application form and see where this goes. If nothing else, I get to exercise my miniscule powers of self-discipline.  =)

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